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First Ornament I beadedFirst pair of earrings I beaded


I started beading in the fall of 2018 as a way to pass the time. I started with following a YouTube video on how to bead a Christmas Ornament. I sat there for the whole evening watching the video, pausing it, writing down the counts, beading until voila - I finished my first piece. I was hooked! I couldn't wait to start another, and then another - to the point I was getting orders!! I was absolutely proud that people wanted to order these beaded ornaments from me. 

During this time I was also on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Google looking up beading stuff. I wanted to learn more. Beading can be intimidating with so many questions. I wanted to learn more about types of beads, needles, threads, how to's... thank goodness for social media platforms that provide so my education.

After Christmas of 2018 I explored beading earrings. I really had fun with this. Beading takes practise and patience. This is my time to relax and create. Beading has been my healing time. I turn on some Netflix and can get lost for hours beading new pieces. 

This is why I decided to try a small home based business to sell beading supplies. I hope to be able to help others that are new and experienced in beading. 

Beading is Healing <3

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